Motley Crue: Interview with Nikki Sixx

You know what was always cool? On, you used to keep this diary that I always read. Lately, it hasn’t been updated…

Our fuckin’ website is fucked up and I can’t get into it! We’re rebuilding our website. It’s kind of like a temporary website right now.

Well, it’s keeping us Crueheads up to date with the tour. I’ve been reading some of the reviews and they’ve been just awesome! I have the set list in front of me. Now, how much is this gonna change throughout the whole tour?

I think it’s gonna…You know what, in this case because there’s a lot of stuff that’s actually very dangerous if we do change it. Meaning, there are times when the girls are, um, you know, hanging by ropes and chains.You know, we have to be sure that the pyro doesn’t happen long enough for them to get out of the catwalks in the ceiling. And there’s like all this stuff that’s going on behind the scenes that the set needs to be very much sequenced and we’re playing two hours and 20 minutes or something. It’s pretty cool. We just dropped two songs that weren’t fitting in. That was it…

Is ‘On With The Show’ one of them? Please tell me no!

No, no, no! We took ‘Afraid’ out until the summer because it was kind of a mid-tempo thing. We chose to do ‘On With The Show’ and some other stuff that was mid-tempo that we haven’t played. So we had to make a decision!

‘Louder Than Hell’ is one that I haven’t heard you play since the ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ tour…

Yeah, exactly! We’re doing a lot of songs that we haven’t done!

What made you decide not to go with an opener?

Um, the show…Um, the set, the length of the show. We just couldn’t find anybody…I mean, we looked! But we just couldn’t find anybody we liked! mean, you know, and it was just like, eventually we said, ‘Fuck it! Let’s just go by ourselves!’ And everybody goes, ‘Dude, you guys! You know, what if you guys don’t sell out?’ We said, you know, typical Motley, we’re like, ‘Is this about selling out? We thought it was about playing music?’ You know? I mean, we just wanna fuckin’ rock, dude! If we can’t find a band we like, then let’s just not take a band. And I was talking to the agent the other day and he was like, ‘Everybody thought you were crazy, now everything is selling out!’

You guys were number one according to Pollstar ticket sales!

I know, pretty cool, huh?

And Red, White, And Crue debuted at No. 6 on Billboard’s Top 200…

Not bad, huh! Not bad for a compilation!

Dude! It’s like my wettest dream come true! You don’t understand!

Yeah, I know. A lot of Crue fans are very happy, as, you know are we because, you know, it feels really nice to be having a really good time together, enjoying it, seeing the smile on everyone’s faces at the end of the night. People are genuinely having a great time! And it’s really cool to look out there and see all the different kinds of fans that musically we’ve touched.You know, and maybe some we haven’t touched musically, maybe some just through being infamous. You know, they’re like, ‘I gotta see it, I’ve heard about it, or that guy or that guy or those two guys’ or you know, whatever it is, the people are coming. They’re hearing music and I think the people are having a great time, as we are. So who can complain?

It really sounds like you’re having a great time. I’ve been reading a lot of the reviews and they’ve all been positive, nothing negative. Everybody’s been saying that the set just fuckin’ rocks…

Yeah, we can’t stop smiling!

That’s what everybody’s saying in their concert reviews! Vince has a constant smile on his face from ear to ear and they’re saying that this is the best Vince has sounded in years!

Yeah, absolutely! Vince is singin’ his ass off!