Motley Crue: Interview with Nikki Sixx

Now, I know this is so far in advance, being that this tour is only four days old and all, but what’s in store for Motley Crue when this tour actually comes to an end? I mean, is there gonna be another Motley Crue album?

Um, well, we’re talking about startin’ to write some songs here. Yeah, we have studios on the road, so we’re gonna maybe start some writing here.

That’s awesome!

Right? Hey, man, with us, who fuckin’ knows? I don’t know! I mean, somebody asked me the other day, it was, I don’t know, it was somebody. They said, ‘You guys think you’ll even make the gig?’ And I said, ‘Um, I don’t know. When is it?’ And they go, ‘Next week!’ (laughs) I go, I told Tommy that last night and he started laughin’! He goes, ‘Wow, man people think we’re gonna like break up, like before we even get to the gig.’ And I said, ‘Well, hey, we’re Motley, what do you want?’ It’s like, fuckin’ kinda like writing the chaos or something! I don’t know. I know that today, it’s a good day! Who knows what tomorrow’s bringing? We don’t live in the future. We never have!

Yeah, live for today. That’s the Motley motto, man! So, switching gears here, what made you decide to go with covering the Rolling Stones’ ‘Street Fighting Man’ over putting on another new original Motley song?

It kind of just happened off the cuff. We were just a…It was during the Bush and Kerry debates and Bob Rock and I’d said that I love doing cover songs if they’re really, like a cool version. And he put in protest songs, and ‘Street Fighting Man’ came up, and we went, ‘Wow, that’s like, that’s kinda weird!’ We downloaded it. We listened to it! Then we just kinda started jamming it, and he fuckin’ rolled tape and said, ‘Done!’We said, ‘What’s done?’ He goes, ‘Song’s done!’ And we’re like, ‘Really?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, come in and listen to it!’ We’re like, ‘Fuuuuck!’

That’s awesome! On a personal level, do Donna (D’Errico) and the kids come to visit you while you’re on tour?

They’re coming to New York, so I’m excited about that!

Are Gunner and Dekker really into the music yet?

Gunner plays guitar and he’s an extremely talented kid. My 11-year-old, Ryan plays piano. My 10-year-old daughter plays piano and she’s an artist. Dekker plays guitar. My youngest one’s four, and she just fuckin’ runs the house! They’re very talented!

They’ve got the genes, I guess! You see, I was envisioning…Gunner and Dekker Sixx and Brandon and Dylan Lee, Motley Two! What do you think?

Hey, there you go! I think that we take them and put ’em on the road, and we kick back with a bag of Doritos and a Coors Light. Let them tour and take 15 percent! (laughs)

There you go! Now, what’s going on with the Motley movie, The Dirt? Is it still happening?

Yeah, I mean, that’s…Listen, this is like the most complicated, in-depth, long running project! Putting a movie together is something that, you know, we’ve never been involved in and it’s a lot to handle! And it’s a slow moving animal, but it’s getting closer and closer. The script’s done. MTV has it. Paramount has it. Everyone is making corrections. You know, so we’re movin’. Now, it’s just about the producer and the director and finding the right people. Then it’ll move actually quite quickly once those people are in place because then they’ll be, you know, able to do their job, and then we’ll be able to oversee it and make sure that it’s Motley Crue, and then comes music. And, you know, it will get exciting then.

So, what is Nikki Sixx listening to now? Because, I’ve always known you to be just a huge fan of all music. I mean, with the state of music really sucking at the moment…

You know what? There’s a lot of music that I’m into. Um, it’s always the hardest fuckin’ question. I gotta grab my fuckin’ iPod and go, ‘Oh yeah!’ Listen, I listen to everything from Black Sabbath to Portishead. I listen to fuckin’ Sum 41 to um, fuckin’, you know, to country music. I like everything! I love music! Yeah, I’m a big fan of musicians and artists, and you know, for me, like when Hunter S. Thompson passed away yesterday. I was like, you know, another pioneer down! Another soldier down, because he was definitely a soldier! And to me, it’s those kinds of artists that really paved the way for other people. Ones that are willing to lay their life on the line for you.

Kinda like Dimebag Darrell, right?

Exactly! That was a horrible loss!

One last question for you, Nik. You guys put out a home video years ago that I must’ve worn the tape out on because I watched it a million times and I was wondering if you guys will ever put it on DVD… Motley Crue: Uncensored?

You know what? Um, somebody mentioned that the other day, as well, and the only thing, I mean, aren’t the videos from Uncensored already released? It’s the in between stuff, isn’t it? Yeah, I’ll have to…That’s a good idea actually. It may be worth looking into here in the future. That tape is like 20 years old! It came out in ’85.

Alright, Nikki, we’re starting to date ourselves here! Anyway, thanks for the time, thanks for making me pick up the bass, thanks for being Motley Crue, and good luck with the rest of the tour, man!

Okay, thanks, man! I appreciate it and we’ll see you at the show! Enjoy, man!