Omarion: O

B2K was pretty whack if you are an adult urban fan.That’s just the way it is. If you’re a preteen or a teen or were so when the shit was hot you might disagree but whatever, the shit was whack to these ears because…nah it just sucked. Because as a teen I was banging Biggie’s Ready To Die so really there is no excuse.

Now, Omarion is dropping his solo record and if you expected me to completely diss this record you are wrong, but neither will I say that this is record of the year material either. It’s solid step for a dude who wants to come into the game and make consistent records on his own at an adult level. That can be respected; especially when the material overall is strong throughout.

Mid-temp club bangers and slow-jam ballads pretty much compose the whole record so there’s nothing really to get excited about in terms of up-tempo stuff. But what does impress is that Omarion and the producers involved found a way to stay true to him and a consistent thread throughout the record. I’m sure the cutting room floor has some failed attempts to harden the dude up with rap influences and what not and those for the most were wisely left off.

So overall, this record will grow with those that choose to grow with the artist and that’s at the end of the day all you ask for.