You said you had about thirty songs prepared. Is it possible that we will see some of these songs making appearances in upcoming shows?

Most of the songs that didn’t appear on the album never made it to the final stages of production, but its possible that in time some of them might shine through.

Life in Dreaming features both ‘American Classic’ and ‘Twenty Below’, songs from previous albums that were revamped for this release. On Operation Cut- Throat you did something similar with the tracks ‘Full Count’ and ‘Sagamore’ which were also revamps from earlier demos. Can we expect to see more remakes of earlier classics that never made it to the record stores?

I wouldn’t say it’s not possible, but I don’t think we are going to remake any more of our earlier songs. ‘American Classic’ was the song for us that really brought us into the public eye and sparked Drive Thru’s interest in us. It was that song that basically got us signed to the label and we felt that we should give it a second appearance on Life In Dreaming. As for ‘Twenty Below’, the song originally appeared as a demo and wasn’t scheduled to be on the EP. At the last minute, Drive Thru approached us as said that they were going to add it to the roster. We didn’t even get a chance to re-record; they decided to put the demo version right onto the CD. The new CD was basically a chance to give the song a proper release.

What is it like being on one of the bigger labels of the genre like Drive Thru?

Well, we’ve never really been on another label so I don’t really have anything to compare the experience to. Aside from some things we’ve heard from friends in other bands, all we know is our experience with Drive Thru. All I can really say is that we like it a lot. It’s more than just a label; everyone there is really helpful. We’ve made a lot of friends Drive Thru that we can rely on for more than just putting out our records and things like that. It has definitely made the whole process much easier and allowed us to do things that we couldn’t before.

February was a popular month in terms of CD releases. Bands like Mae, Copeland, and Armor for Sleep all have records appearing in stores around the point in time. What was the idea behind the Life in Dreaming release date?

The original plan was to release our album in September before the holidays. But as always, there were problems in production and we were forced to push back the date. February is seen as a good time for releases because during the holidays, you have to compete with popular artists from major labels like Ashlee Simpson. The time after the holidays acts as a good opportunity for smaller bands to get out there and get their albums heard. This also gave us the chance to spend the in between months touring and debuting some of our new material giving our fans a taste of what was soon to come.

I recently saw you in concert with Something Corporate, The Academy Is…, and Straylight Run. While you appeal to a similar crowd, these bands have significantly different sounds. What was it like appealing to the different crowds?

Touring is a weird experience in the sense that part of the time, the crowd comes to see a certain band and gets exposed to the others by consequence. Something Corporate and Straylight Run in particular have a slower sound than we do most of the time. This was a good chance to get out there and expose more people to our music. Fans that wouldn’t necessarily have picked up our CD in stores would hear us in concert and like our sound.

Bamboozle is coming up and its sure to be one of the big concerts this year. How does it feel being on the roster for such an event?

We are actually really excited to be a part of Bamboozle. Being on a main stage of a huge concert like that is probably one of the best experiences for a band. It will give us a chance to appeal to a really big and diverse crowd and play along with a huge variety of different bands. It’s opportunities like this that will enable us to one day being playing back at those Jersey VFWs and concert halls as a big time band.

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