How does Ozzfest compare to European festivals?

There are not certain itineraries shows like Ozzfest. There’s just one big festival in one country and so on. There’s not a tour that goes around the countries.

The last time I saw you was when you were in NYC with Rob Zombie, how did that tour go for you?

Zombie is an amazing person and we liked his music already. So it was nice to hear that music we like everyday. I know we won over a lot of new fans. We can tell from the e- mails we get everyday and fans we meet at Ozzfest who wear Zombie shirts and they tell us how much they loved us on the Zombie tour. We’re doing signings at the Jagermeister tent and FYE tent at Ozzfest, so we get to meet a lot of people.

You mentioned e-mails from fans; do you get to catch up on them while on tour?

We check our e-mails, and me and Andrea have MySpace pages.

What’s your MySpace address?

People spell my name wrong a lot, because I don’t have an ‘H’ in it. So it’s

It’s also posted at MySpace is a great way to interact with fans and a great community for them to meet each other and leave a comment about a gig or an album; it’s just a cool idea. I also met a lot of friends I didn’t hear from in years through MySpace too. I wasn’t really into MySpace at first, but when I saw how useful it was; now I’m stuck on it. It’s just so cool for that stuff. Now I get tons of messages and I try to read them all but I can’t reply to them all.

So how many friends do you have now on MySpace?

I have more than 20,000 already and I still have to add people. So every once in a while I just add all the requests I have at one time.

So what are your plans for after Ozzfest?

We’re going back to Italy for a month vacation and then we’re going to start a European tour for two months. Then we were talking about coming back to the US for a headline tour, but it’s not planned yet. But fans should always check our website to find out the latest news on that.

Does the whole band live in Italy?

Yes, we’re all from Milan or a little bit out of Milan, but we’re coming from the same area.

So what do you do on your vacation?

I know already that I’ll be in Barcelona with my friends and then in between that I probably have a work trip to London, then after I’ll try to come to America to see my boyfriend if I have enough time.

Do you get to see your boyfriend a lot while you’re on tour?

Yeah, we see each other a lot, pretty often.

The single ‘Our Truth’ is on the radio in the states now, do you find a lot of fans singing along?

Absolutely. Even ‘Enjoy The Silence,’ which is the second single from the album Karmacode; there’s a lot of people singing it because it’s a famous Depeche Mode song. We know that it’s not the most original cover to do; I just think it’s cool that people know that song and can sing along with us.

Lacuna Coil are on the main stage of Ozzfest. Ozzfest hits Randall’s Island in NYC on Saturday, July 29 and Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ, on Friday, Aug. The band’s album Karmacode is in stores now. For more information, visit

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