David Karsten Daniels: Sharp Teeth

Whether it’s a debut album or a blind date, the first impression is everything. David Karsten Daniels is well aware of this tried and true fact of life; either that or the beauty of his music comes naturally. Sharp Teeth serves as his perfect introduction to the world, offering a very complete and wholesome experience.

Daniels hails from the hills of North Carolina, a land rich with Southern culture. Unlike most southern folk artists, the local music has hardly influenced his own. It’s the various social questions and ideals held close to the Southern heart that have inspired him to write such thought-provoking lyrics. “Jesus And The Devil” expresses Daniels’ difficulty in interpreting the difference between good and evil, not just in terms of religion, but in everything from casual conversation to international diplomacy.

While Sharp Teeth is complex and intricately layered (19 performers are featured), it manages to maintain a front-porch feel characteristic of the South, thanks to Daniels’ masterful understanding of the art of songwriting.

In A Word: Complete