Would it be a higher cost per CD if you printed it on an endangered species?

Nah, keep it the same. Don’t want to screw the fans.

Is that Pickles and Murderface on ‘Hatredcopter?’

Pickles is on ‘Hatredcopter,’ yes. He sings notes. I’m not interested in singing notes.

Is Murderface in the background there as well?

Murderface has a hard time singing and playing at the same time, so no, that’s not him. We like to offer him stuff every once in a while, shout choruses, you know. But that’s all me and Pickles.

Should fans still be expecting your readings of Shakespeare?

I recorded an entire Shakespeare album. I read all of his plays, without checking to see if Pickles had been recording it. Always work with a professional engineer, not one of your friends who doesn’t know how to work the equipment. I watched him, he was emoting as I was reading, and he got way too into the story and forgot to make sure ProTools was running as he was drinking.

I don’t blame an engineer that drinks on the job, it’s called ‘being creative,’ but press the buttons.

Have you decided if you will play any shows?

Yes, I have made this decision.

What should fans expect at a Dethklok live show?

Fans should know, coming in, enter at your own risk. Sign your pain waiver. If you don’t know what a pain waiver is, it’s a legal document waiving all legal ‘life rights’ upon entrance. If you want to hear loud metal, come to our show. But you know what, we say this to our fans, don’t come out and see us. It’s better, we like you out there buying things. If you come to our show, chances are good you won’t walk out. Stick around, keep putting money back into the economy, that’s what we say.

Are you afraid that world economies could suffer some repercussions as a result of too many fans coming to Dethklok shows?

Anything can happen. We don’t advertise our shows too much for reasons close to that.

Do you have any effect on the sub-prime housing crisis?

All I can say is this, you keep buying our records, and we’ll keep making them.

Would you tour with any other band?

This has come up before. We’d pick up a band that we like a lot, group of kids that we think have a lot of great energy. Same thing happens every time, the audience kills them. You don’t want to open up for a Dethklok show. We make sure bands won’t go on tour with us, bands that we like, we make sure they stay alive. We can’t tour with Cannibal Corpse, we can’t tour with Dimmu Borgir, we like them alive. Emperor, you know.

So are there any bands you would want to tour with, based on that information?

Listen, I’m not going to start shitting on bands here, I’m in Dethklok, I’m happy. I’m not interested in starting fights, rivalries, leave that to the newcomers.

Do you at any time feel that you’re under surveillance?

Why would you say that?

Dethalbum is available now, if you can still find a copy. Check out an interview with Metalocalypse co- creator Brendon Small in this week’s Aquarian. Metalocalypse’s season two episodes are premiering on Sunday nights on Adult Swim. For more, visit myspace.com/dethklok

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