Interview with Bloodsimple: Reaping Time

You have been on tour with Hellyeah since mid- October. How has that been so far?

We know the Hellyeah guys obviously through the Mudvayne guys, and we did the Family Values tour with them, so we are bros with them. It’s been really good, it’s been a lot of fun and the shows have been outstanding.

Bloodsimple has been getting a ridiculous reaction, even the new shit, and that’s the best part to see, I mean, half the people don’t even have it, because it’s only been out a couple of weeks and they are just freaking out over this shit. So it’s pretty cool.

How did you hook up with Chad from Mudvayne initially?

Oh man, that happened three years ago. Long story short, our old drummer Chris [Hamilton, Downset, Saint Cain] gave Chad a demo, and Chad liked it so much that he went out and started a fucking label. I think he might have signed someone else since then, but I am not really sure.

But it’s been going, and he has been really supportive, and when we need him, he is pretty much there, and it has been a pretty good run so far. When it comes to the touring circuit, he really hooks things up. We are definitely going to take a nice long break for the holidays, because I have things to attend to back home. I was told we might do a UK run in January, but we are not exactly sure.

Touring is awesome, but we are going to pick and choose our battles. On our first record, we toured for two years and we’ll do a decent amount of touring, but again, we are going to pick and choose and do the tours that are right for us.