So you’re really moving up in the world.

If that’s how you measure it, sure. We just really want to do it right. We got that Flaming Lips DVD and it’s just like, ‘Wow, they really thought this out. They really got creative and really put time into it.’ As a result, they’ve got one of the funnest live shows and everybody knows that. The Flaming Lips don’t sell millions of records, but they fill up arenas because everyone knows their shows are so fun. We really tried to take that to heart and really tried to set the bar really high. We want people to know they should come back to our shows because it’s really going to be worth their money and worth their time.

What are some of the cool things you’re doing on this tour?

I honestly don’t want to give away much. But there is definitely one thing you’ve never seen a band do. I’ll just leave it at that. I want there to be a little element of surprise.

What would you say to encourage people who might not know your band to come out to the show?

I would say this—Not only have we put together a great four-band bill, but the ticket prices are cheap. The ticket price is low because we want everyone to be able to afford it. And it’s just a really good, fun time for everybody. That sounded like my little brother was having a birthday, but it is true. Please, no presents, and party favors will be provided.

You don’t want presents?

We have everything we need. We just want smiles and hugs and maybe some money for merch. Bring us money for merch. That way we’re giving them a gift back. It’s like a white elephant exchange—they bring money, we bring shirts and then we all trade. I think that would be the best present.

Does this tour have a name?

It’s called ‘The Starry Nights and Salty Seas Tour.’ It’s come from the record artwork, really. The album cover is the sun, but inside is the moon. Since we’ve been using the sun for all our posters so far, we decided to use the other half of the artwork. We just came up with it and really liked it. So there are a few things throughout the night that tie into that theme, but again, I don’t want to give too much away.

What’s the plan after this tour?

Actually, we have about 10 days off and then we head to Japan and potentially Australia after that. And then the UK again in the late spring or early summer. And then either more touring or writing or both.

Have you started writing new stuff?

Yeah, there’s a lot of half-songs written. Probably 20 half songs, some of which will get used and most of which probably won’t. We haven’t sat down as a band yet. We’ll record at the end of 2008 probably. That’s not for sure, but that’s the goal.

Sherwood will be performing at the Highline Ballroom in NYC on Feb. 27 and at School Of Rock in S. Hackensack, NJ, on March 1. For more info, visit

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