What sparked the hiatus for Finch in the first place? Were you all working on new projects and other endeavors?

The hiatus happened because there was a huge breakdown in our friendships and working relationship, it wasn’t fun for us anymore. And I don’t think that playing music should be like that. But we figured out the problem and got rid of it.

Then what made you guys want to return to music? Did you just feel like the time was right to get back in the game?

The time was definitely right for us as individuals. We missed each other, we missed playing music together, and we missed Finch.

Now that the band has returned, are you receiving the same kind of reaction from fans that bands like Glassjaw have received, where you find you are becoming more popular and more widely known after being gone so long than during the height of your fame a few years ago?

I don’t know. I feel like we picked up right where we left off. Except now I think some people actually like the material off of Sunshine. On our most recent tour, it was surprising people still remembered us and came to the shows, but they were also wanting to hear stuff from our second record. It wasn’t like that before the hiatus.

How are you guys dealing with the member changes after returning to music? Do you feel like a different band now?

We all get along so well now and have fun together, we’re best friends. It wasn’t like that in the past. So yeah, I definitely feel like a different band… maybe a better band.

I noticed you guys are doing a lot of one-off shows and festivals now. Is there a reason for not touring or are you waiting until the summer? Are the one-off shows for the money? (ha ha)

Well right now we’re writing a new record, so that’s where our main focus is. But when we got these offers for these festival shows, we thought they would be fun to play. Especially since we get to travel to Europe for it.

Since some of you guys have been working with other bands, what do you feel it takes to be successful in music now?

I think it honestly just takes good music. Writing a song that connects with people is the only way to do it. It will carry itself. Otherwise no amount of marketing and scheming is going to work.

Do you think that as this new wave of pop-rock and post-hardcore heads into the mainstream and Top 40 stations that it is becoming gimmicky and overdone? How do you think that bands with more musical merit can compete?

I’m probably not the best person to answer that question. I’m like one of those birds that has its head buried in the sand, or up my ass. Ha ha. I don’t pay much attention to what’s happening in the mainstream.

When is The Sound Of Animals Fighting returning? I think everyone wants to know that, well, at least I do.

I don’t think Randy is involved with that project anymore.

Finch are playing the NJ Bamboozle Festival on Sunday, May 4, at the Meadowlands Sports Arena. For more, visit their website at thebandfinch.com

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