How would you account for the mass appeal of Christian metal? Do you think that a lot of kids don’t really care about the religious aspects of the songs and are just enjoying the music for what it is or do you think that the messages within the songs are appealing since they aren’t concentrated on death and destruction like a lot of metal themes?

Hopefully people just either like the music or don’t…I don’t understand why “Christian” has somehow gotten its own category in music history. I mean where is the “Buddhist rock” or the “Scientology” metal….I mean that’s all silly to me. Yes, I am a Christian and I don’t back away from that any, but music is music and art is art. I think it is dumb if people hate our music but only listen to us because I am Christian or vise versa…..they would like our music, but since I am a Christian they won’t go to the shows or whatever. That’s stupid. Music is music, if you like it, support it. Outside of that it really just becomes political and not about the music.

When you decided to leave Norma Jean, has The Chariot become the music you originally intended to make?

Not really. I love both…..had I stayed in NJ, I would write slightly different based on the other 4 members and how we wrote together. So The Chariot obviously comes out different but it ain’t necessarily what I “intended” to write or anything.

As the only original member of the band, do you see The Chariot as your baby?

Well, any art project I ever become a part of becomes my “baby” that is just how I am. No matter what it is I dive in. Whether I have to raise the baby up with four other dudes or not.

With such a revolving line-up do you think the band has had to keep evolving throughout the years as you gel with the new members?

To be honest with you I wanted nothing more then to just be the same five dudes from beginning to end. It is the most difficult thing ever to find new members that are like-minded with live show and writing style. But it helps that I write almost all of the music. And I do think it keeps sort of a fresh and new spirit about the live shows and an energy that never gets stale.

Do you think the current line-up will stay around for awhile at this point?

I would hope so, but you never know. At this point I just write and record the records, so I hope we can stay touring together. I love all the dudes.

As a southern band, do you think those roots have shaped the music?

Oh yeah, for sure.

What up and coming bands do you see making a mark in 2008?

I don’t really know. I am sort of out of the loop with today’s music. I have not been impressed by anything in a long time. Probably since Mewithoutyou.

In a few weeks you will be playing Bamboozle in New Jersey. Are you stoked about the festival?

Not really, I don’t really like festival style shows. I would take a club any day.

Who are you most looking forward to see play?

Snoop Dogg.

The Chariot will be performing at The Bamboozle Festival at the Meadowlands in E. Rutherford, NJ, on Saturday, May 3. For more info on the show, visit

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