Interview with At The Gates: The Soul’s Swan Song

Are you doing anything before Terminal Spirit Disease?

Yeah, we’re playing songs off every album. That includes the mini-album (laughs).

So it’s not Slaughter Of The Soul all the way through?

No. I’ve been counting how short that album is—if you have a favorite song off Slaughter Of The Soul, I guess you will be hearing it as well—but I also promised one song off of every album. [Slaughter Of The Soul is] only 29 minutes, I think, and that’s what started that whole comparison with Reign In Blood, the length. The comparison in quality started later (laughs), and that was not intentional on our part.

Not playing the Slayer cover, then?

(laughs) We have fun playing covers, but if we only have one hour to give to fans that have been waiting for 12 years, it’s disappointing doing covers. It’s not what they want to hear. It’s even been like that in the concerts, trying to encourage a circle pit at Hellfest as I did two nights ago, people get into it for a short time, but it’s all about capturing the moment for the crowd too. You don’t want to go totally crazy, you want people to listen and to see. We want to capture the moment all the way, but it’s almost scary, [there are] goosebumps for us in the band all the time too. (laughs)

Does it feel natural up there?

It feels really natural, like from day one actually. It’s no problem, we’re such good friends, everyone in the band, and have been all the way through, all these years. It almost feels too natural, like, ‘Did we break up?’ Kind of like that.