Interview with At The Gates: The Soul’s Swan Song

Are you recording any of these shows for a live release?

There is a documentary being made about both the reunion this year, and also At The Gates as a band, Anders [Bjorler] is putting together a documentary about the whole band, the whole history, interviewing all members of the band, of course, and people who have been involved in various stages of the build-up as well. That will also be a concept release, and also will include at least one full show, and hopefully clips from a lot of different shows as well.

It will be a really special release. I know these things are really kind of ‘cash in’ releases, but this will really be so full of stuff that it will be worth the money. It’s not just a cash in from our point. As we are not recording a new album, we want to be able to give something, not just a DVD, but something more.

One thing I want to touch on: I see promotional copy for the tour and I read ‘Greatest Swedish Death Metal Band Of All Time.’ How do you deal with that?

(laughs) Actually, we don’t, that’s the whole idea. We don’t really deal with it, because if you start thinking like that —for example, Mike Amott in an interview, he got kind of that question too, he said about the Carcass reunion, it will be different, since for the first time he will be playing songs that have been life-changing for a generation—I can’t even think like that. It would make our ego go berserk, and focus on the totally wrong issues.

We’re a really down-to-earth kind of group, really just focusing on doing our best. Also, having a good time is very important to us, and it’s a really main focus, our last summer tour, let’s really make the best of it.

That’s not our phrase, as you might have guessed. There’s also competition around a phrase like that. You have Entombed for starters, you know what I mean? (laughs).

At The Gates will be performing at The Fillmore At Irving Plaza in New York City on July 9 and July 10. For more info, visit

Photo Credit: Niklas Sundin