What kind of say do you have in the final product?

They say, you know, when you’re making a video or film, whatever, there are three films: The one that you write and plan; the one that you shoot, which is different than what you planned, whatever’s captured on camera; then the one that you edit, which is taking what exists and doing whatever the fuck you want with it in the editing. And so, you have a zillion people working on this thing and you can do everything right and one guy, the lighting guy, fucks it up or the sound synch guy fucks it up and ruins it. Or, whereas like when you’re in a band it’s just the five of you and it’s very contained. You have control over it. So, I guess–maybe I’m just a control freak–but I find making videos very frustrating which his ironic because I’m in the car on my way to shoot my first acting role right now.

Really? Can you say much on that?

This guy, Tyler, he shot our first video which was for ‘Unconditional,’ the first song we ever did, he’s friends with our manager. So he’s shooting his first feature now and asked me if I wanted to do a cameo and just roll in for a day.

Well, I guess forget about everything you just said about filming and approach it…

Yeah, I mean, I don’t have to make the fucking movie. (Laughs) I just have to show up, say some lines, I’m out.

Of course I have to ask what the The Bravery’s plans are for the future? New album? More touring?

Yeah, we’re doing Projekt Revolution now so that will be for the next couple months and we’re also working on a new album. It’s in the beginning stages of writing new songs. We’re doing a two-week tour of Canada. After that we might do a little more touring, but probably not much; we’ll focus on the next record.

Catch The Bravery on tour with Projekt Revolution on July 19 at the Susquehanna Bank Center, in Camden, NJ, July 20 at the New England Dodge Music Center in Hartford, CT, July 22 at Nikon at Jones Beach inWantagh, NY and July 23 at PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ. For more info visit myspace.com/thebravery

Photo Credit: Stephen Penta

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