Interview with Story Of The Year: Warped Tour Refugees

What’s the worst injury one of you has gotten onstage?

There’s been a lot of injuries but none of it’s been too bad. A lot of getting hit in the head with guitars. Many sprained ankles and knees from jumping off stuff. Ryan, our guitar player, actually fell onto a mic stand once and it went halfway down his throat. He fell onto it and it went in his mouth and he cut the back of his throat. He had to go to the hospital and stuff. That was the weirdest injury, I think. We’re still astonished that it happened.

Did you have to stop the show?

No I didn’t even know it happened until after the show. We were like ‘What happened to you?’ He was like ‘Dude I fell’ and couldn’t really talk. We were all laughing. It wasn’t funny to him but we thought it was funny.

What bands besides your own do you think kids should come watch on Warped Tour?

There’s a lot. We have a lot of friends on the tour. Anberlin. Every Time I Die. As I Lay Dying. Not to be confused with each other. Both amazing live bands. I haven’t watched too many bands yet because it’s been too hot.

Do you have any advice for the fans on how to survive that heat?

I have no idea how these kids sit out there all day. I play for half an hour and go straight back to the bus and I want to die. Bring water, buy water, drink a lot of it. Stay out of the sun whenever possible. They seem to do it every day. I see a lot of kids passed out every day. There’s no real advice. Take it easy and try to have fun.

Sneak their way onto your bus.

Yep. Seek any refuge possible.

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Photo Credit: Bryan Sheffield