I totally get what you are saying about heavy metal and hard rock getting treated like a niche. Look at a band like Judas Priest who are playing your anniversary show, they have been around for over 30 years, and how many pop artists can you say that about?

Look, we’re in a market here in New York where Iron Maiden came not too long ago and did three shows that were all sold out, but there isn’t a radio station that you can find in the tri-state that will play one Iron Maiden song except for me and my show. Unfortunately, that trend is going on for a lot more bands than just Iron Maiden. The audience is there, the people who have become regulars on my show, someone like Mike Piazza [of the Mets], who is one of my best friends, couldn’t believe what we were saying and playing on the radio, and he wanted to be a part of it. It sends a message when you have high profile people really in your corner and my biggest dream would be to be able to do a show five nights a week. Music is so much a part of what I do, but I am so equally into the talk aspect of it. I am so into telling stories, hearing others tell stories. I have 25 years of history to call on, my audience has something to say, and in this day and age where music is readily available, my feeling has always been that you better be able to have something more to offer than the ability to cue up a record. Rob Halford is the one who always comes to mind, and he says, ‘You have the ability to get me to talk about things that I have never talked about before.’

When Axl Rose was in the studio, which was mind boggling in-and-of itself, we talked about things that no one ever heard him talk about before. It’s all good, and I have gotten so many wonderful relationships with all these people over the years. I hosted this Rocklahoma event, and there was over 100 bands, and every one of them has done something with me and my show over the years, and these guys know that they have a home and they are going to get someone who actually knows something about their career and their music.

Eddie Trunk will be celebrating his 25th Anniversary on Aug. 4 at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square with a performance by Judas Priest. He’ll also be hosting at the PNC Bank Arts Center for the Metal Masters tour, featuring Judas Priest, Heaven And Hell, and Motorhead on Aug. 9. For more info on the anniversary event, visit eddietrunk.com

Photo Credit: Ron Akiyama

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