Did you all sit down and talk about how you wanted it to turn out when you started making the record?

We did, but I don’t think that helped at all. It ended up being spur of the moment stuff. I think most of the songs ended up being experiments that just kept building and became a song. I think that’s why near the end we were saying “We need a couple more like this.” It was definitely not preconceived.

Even though you have a record about to come out are you still writing new songs?

Absolutely. I think we have five laptops in the van. I think that’s what gonna help our band is that I know that by the time our next record cycle comes around we’ll probably have loads of material.

Are you mostly playing stuff of the record live?

It’s about half and half. Because we’re opening, we only get to play about six songs.

Even though you’re an opener do you still feel like kids at the show know who your band is?

It’s pretty consistent. There’s always a handful upfront. Maybe 10 or 20 who have listened to us on MySpace. It’s always the front row. You can tell. This is our first real legit tour where we’ve been out for more than four weeks. When we come out onstage, I feel like we’re making fans. It’s a new thing for all of us to go to a show and meet someone who knows who we are already. It’s only like five kids, but it’s still pretty awesome.

Did you know who the audience would be for your music when you first started?

As much as any band wants to pinpoint what people will like them, there’s absolutely no way to control that. That’s one thing we’ve learned. You just gotta make what you love and if people dig it then they dig it. I’m just happy to get to do this and people are starting to like it I think. It seems that the ball is rolling in that direction.

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