What are your hopes for the band once the record comes out?

My hope is that we can do this for real and not have to rely on anyone else, or on label money or anything. To be a self- sufficient band. Personally, just to be able to tour and have it go well enough that it can become my job and ensure my future.

When you’re not on tour do you have other jobs at home?

Not really. We’re really frugal. We figure out ways to make it work so that we don’t have to. We all live in the same house, and it’s insanely small. It’s gross. It’s really cheap. We kind of live in the middle of nowhere for that reason. So we can afford to go and play shows. We live really light, but I’d rather do it that way than have to stress about working another job when I’m home.

That’s so cute that you live in the same house.

Oh yeah, you think it’s cute until you see it. I sleep in what was a garage. The washer and dryer are in the room I sleep in. The singer doesn’t have a room so he sleeps on the couch and puts his clothes behind the couch. It’s actually a one-bedroom apartment that has a small auxiliary room that was probably once a nursery or something. One of our guys sleeps in the studio room where we make music. If you saw you would think ‘Holy shit, I can’t believe you guys live like this!’

I bet that gets you a lot of ladies.

No, actually the exact opposite happens!

InnerPartySystem play the Stone Pony in Asbury Park on Aug. 13 and Blender Theatre At Gramercy on Aug. 14. For more info, visit innerpartysystem.com

Photo Credit: Tim Saccenti

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