The Sleeping and Envy On The Coast: Band On Band

Ryan: Everybody in the room’s looking at you.

Doug: Yeah. I think everyone just kind of started playing off him. I think we’re not doing anything different writing- wise. We’re all just in a room, jamming, and we’re doing what we do all the time, but I think we know more now that it’s like we’re not trying to impress anyone by making songs. When we made the Victory release, Questions And Answers, we had like a month or two to write the record. That was a lot of pressure, first big release, and now it’s like, ‘Dude, let’s just do what always do but let’s make what we want to make and not be nervous about the public.’ Just fucking go at it. We just do it the way we always do it, we just jam our asses off and whatever comes out we’re like, ‘Yo, let’s play off of that.’

Ryan: So I’ve been noticing in media, cinema and art and everything, there’s a lot of stuff coming out about the world ending. California’s pretty much on fire, all of our vegetables keep turning into poison for people. Long Island is going to be gone within like 20 years. Long Beach, 7 years they say. If you go down to the beach at like 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. you can see the tide coming up to the boardwalk, it’s absolutely insane.

Doug: Crazy.

Ryan: It’s unreal. Everyone’s talking about 2012 A.D. and apparently the Mayans and the Aztecs and everyone are saying that’s when it’s all over. So, you think this shit’s over? You think our President and us people, we as people, have killed this Earth and deserve to say goodbye to it?

Doug: Yeah. I think we’re fucked. Seriously, I think it’s fucked. I don’t know when, I don’t know if it’s going to be in a few years or what. I don’t really think we deserve it, so to speak, we’re just human and everybody makes fucking mistakes. I think there are people that are deliberately in this world to ruin it. To us, for fucking polluting it and shit, yeah, it fucking sucks. But it’s survival. What would you do without a car? You’d ride your bike on tour? People fail to realize that a lot of the shit that is killing our Earth is not stuff that we can’t live without, but stuff that makes living a lot more practical. So I wouldn’t really say that it’s our fault, but there are people deliberately here to fuck shit up. I give people in the automobile industry props for making hybrids and trying to figure out ways to make this shit happen. I would get a hybrid car. I don’t own a car I take trains everywhere, whatever, but if I were to have a car right now, I would get a hybrid. It’s stuff like that. You have choices, I think that’s what makes people learn from their mistakes or learn from things that they understand are being harmful to the world. I definitely think our government is fucked. I think it’s fucked. I don’t know who is going to help it now. I don’t know which president is going to make it better, because there’s so much hatred toward us now because of things that are out of our hands and are in certain people’s hands that shouldn’t be in their hands. I don’t know what year it’s going to happen, but I’m sure the weather is going to be atrocious and really fucked because of the way we have been living. Like I said, it’s practical and it’s not really our fault, but it is destroying our environment and stuff like that. If we can make changes, the sooner everybody realizes that change is needed because not everybody realizes it, I’m sure it’ll be a lot easier to deal with and I think we’ll learn from our mistakes. But I think it’s definitely not good right now, especially with the presidency and stuff like that. I’m not a political dude, but I have enough brains to know that we have people in office that don’t give a shit about anything but themselves. As for Mayans and Aztecs, I don’t really give a shit. I’m Mexican, and I really don’t care about my ancestors. I guess just give me a burrito, and I’ll be totally cool. I really am Mexican, for the record.

Ryan: This kid’s not lying.