Interview with Echo & The Bunnymen: Fantastically Arrogant

I think that was about a 10 minute answer.

I think it’s because I’m old and my sister, she just made me some food and I had a meal about an hour before. I’m in that kind of sleepy state. What was I just on about? Something about my sister. I must be in the zone right now.

Do you maybe want to talk a little bit about your new album?

Yeah we’re putting it out in January because these Ocean Rain things came about. What happened was I said, ‘Let’s put it on sale about a year before, just in case.’ It sold out in a couple days and I was like, ‘Bloody hell.’ We shouldn’t be surprised. We’ve always had a lot of younger kids but now it’s mad. America’s always good because you seek out the music and we stick with what we like. I think it Britain there’s always a bit more about what bands your friends like. I think people who like Bowie, Iggy, the Velvets, kind of follow that line.

So it’s all over the place. I said I wanted to do it in New York, in America. I said I wanted to do it at Carnegie Hall because of Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland—not that I’m a big Judy Garland fan. I just wanted to do it at Carnegie Hall. Then it was only 2000 so they said, ‘I think we can do Radio City.’ The stage is massive and I was used to that in England, but this is America and I’m not sure I’ve got control of the gig. A lot of it is that the stage is very long. But I’m not bothered by that anymore. We’ll go London to New York. It makes sense. We would do Los Angeles but it didn’t fit in.

So yeah here we are, it will be in New York. And it’s all going to be great and the album will come out in January and it’s called The Fountain and it’s the greatest album ever made. Therefore, Ocean Rain is the second greatest album ever made. That’s my technique now: ‘Let’s put it this way, Ocean Rain is the second greatest album ever made.’

Have you said that about every record you’ve made?

No no no. Only this. Otherwise Ocean Rain would be like the sixth greatest album of all time. It’s just really good. The singing is the best. It’s got the best singing I’ve ever done on it. It’s got a shape to me. Most songs are things you can conjure up into a kind of shape, things that are not just a song. This thing’s got a shape to it. It’s more gaseous. Only I know that because of how it feels when I sing it. It’s possibly the best thing I’ve ever written. One of the songs is the best rock song of this century, which is only eight years so I can get away with it.

The Fountian is set to be released sometime in January. Echo & The Bunnymen will be playing at Radio City Music Hall in NYC on Oct. 1. Fore more info, visit or