Interview with MGMT: The Source Of All Your Gossip

How old is the oldest song on your album?

‘Kids’ was the first song we wrote, which would make it like six years old.

After so long, do you still stand behind it and feel like it represents you now?

I think it’s a good song. I don’t know if I would write a song like that now. A lot has changed as far as our tastes and where we’re at in our lives over the last six years. And obviously we’re a little bit tired of playing it compared to some of our other songs. I still think it’s a good song though.

When you start making the new album, how much of that do you think will be a reaction to the way this record has been received?

Well I think some people will be ready to hate it and some people will be ready to love it. It’s gonna be a pretty different album from what people might expect. I don’t see us really trying to write another hit single. We weren’t trying to write a hit single in the first place. It happened by accident. I think we’re ready to go in some more eclectic directions and still write good songs. You can’t please everybody, I guess.

Are you surprised by how much your band has blown up over the last year?

Definitely. We felt pretty undeserving of all the hype we got considering we were a band that hadn’t really toured that much and was just releasing their first full-length album. Nobody had heard of us and suddenly we’re the band everybody’s watching and expecting something from. We pretty much shut off from all the attention we were getting because we thought it was unhealthy for us to pay too much attention to that and I think that was a good thing.

Have you reached a point where people have started gossiping about you and spreading rumors?

Yeah I think so. Definitely the British press is very quick to try and start some kind of gossip. There have been a few. They’ve written some really weird shit about us.

What’s been the weirdest?

There have been a couple about Andrew dating celebrities like Kirsten Dunst, which isn’t true. They wrote that the Chemical Brothers were going to be producing our next album, which also isn’t true. That stuff is weird. At first we were shocked to be getting a lot of press attention related to the band, but now it’s really even weirder to be having our personal lives be part of that too. We’re just trying not to pay that much attention to it.

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Photo Credit: Jon Bergman