Lisa says getting their tunes out in America has been a lengthy process but their efforts are paying off. Their music was used on Dancing With The Stars and their single, “Untouched,” is a hit on Z100. Succeeding in Australia has definitely helped through their American endeavour.

“To have that kind of confidence and belief in knowing our music is such a big deal in Australia really does keep us going because it’s a really big feat to be constantly putting all that time and energy in and not seeing instant results,” she says. “And in some ways there’s no reason why it couldn’t work somewhere else—but it’s something you just have to continue at. You have to be very persistent. You constantly have to be touring because it’s such a big country and it’s not one of those situations where you get added to one radio station and they add you around the country. You have to go to every territory to really work it. But the whole (Veronicas) buzz is reaching a certain point now, which is a great feeling.”

At the same time as creating a buzz in America, the little ladies have created a media storm Down Under for months as hot favorites for gossip, rumors and controversy. Having your personal lives splashed over newspapers and magazines is something that unfortunately comes with the territory; something these girls have had to learn the hard way.

“At the start we were very open and we were quite naïve and we would always talk about things with people. We always let people in because we want people to see us as real people, and as girls that are passionate about rocking out and doing our thing. And I guess what sucks is that we’ve had to become very guarded,” she says. “We initially thought people were quite respectful but because of what’s happened this year, as far as our private lives being on show in some ways, we definitely have become a lot more careful with what we say. But you live and you learn.”

Despite what Aussie tabloids focus on, the reason the girls made it into the spotlight to start with was due to the strength of their tunes, and Lisa says their focus has, and always will be on, their music. Given the right platform Hook Me Up will make just as many waves in the U.S. as it did Down Under so make sure you check out their gig at Roseland, watch their webisodes and get on board now, because the life of these rock stars is one ride you won’t want to miss out on.

“We just want to do our thing. We’re not out to save the world or be amazing role models or anything like that. We’re constantly trying to push our limits and our artistry, we’re passionate about what we do and we want people to enjoy our music and connect with it,” she says. “And we’re going to bring something that’s a little different, with a bit of an edge that maybe people haven’t seen before. We’re going to show them—they already know chicks can rock—but that it can be cool, it can be smart, it can be sexy, it can be sweet and it can have a long life.”

Check out The Veronicas at the Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Dec. 12. For more info, visit

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