Interview with The White Tie Affair: Living The Dream

Do you guys come across a lot of crazies, groupies and nutters out there?

Chris: Just chicks that want to have sex.

So Playboy. You guys played at the Playboy Pajama Party. How was that?

Chris: It was amazing, I don’t think words could describe it at this point. It’s pretty much like everything you’ve ever been told about the Playboy Mansion —times, like, 20.

If you had to paint a picture for people, how would you describe the experience?

Chris: I would say… pajamas, Pauly Shore, pole dancers, fruit punch—a lot of ‘p’ words.

Did you have chicks swooning over you? Were there girls in bikinis?

Chris: Actually they weren’t in bikinis. They were naked and they were painted. They just had painted bikinis on.

So what are you guys doing now?

Sean: We just finished with Metro Station. We’re doing some one-off shows—Christmas shows and radio shows— and at the beginning of next year we’re doing some shows with Secondhand Serenade.

Chris: And we’re actually trying to get on tour right now with Lady Gaga because I think Sean has a thing for her. We just want to show up and maybe obsess over her.

So what’s the plan ahead? What have you guys got your sights set on?

Sean: We’re actually just going to keep promoting this record for a while now. It’s just starting to break into the mainstream—but we’re always writing new songs.

Walk This Way is available now. Catch The White Tie Affair at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY, on Dec. 19 and at the School Of Rock in S. Hackensack, NJ, on Dec. 20. For more info, visit