So how do you make sure people still care each time?


That’s all it takes?

That’s all we have to do. That’s all it takes for us. We write hit songs.

Besides your first single, what are going to be the big hits on this record?

I don’t know. Like I said, this record is a collection of our best work so I think in general people are just going to realize how this record is an experience as opposed to single, single, single. But if it is single, single, single, then I think a song called ‘I Wanna’ is gonna come out. I think a song called ‘Wind Blows’ is going to knock people on their tits and make them go, ‘Fuck! This band really does write good songs!’

Does the record have a cohesive idea behind it?

I think When The World Comes Down is sort of this apocalyptic, romantic sentiment that the song ‘Mona Lisa’ talks about. I think that’s the backbone of this record. If we die tomorrow, we’re going to go down with big-ass, shit-eating grins on our faces because we made this record. We’re really happy with what we did. Everybody put a lot of faith into us when we told them to give us more time and I think it’s going to be worth the wait.

What would you say to someone who has hated your band in the past to get them to listen to this record?

Well, you’re really going to hate us now.

When The World Comes Down is available now. For more info, visit

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