I would expect Barack Obama to do what he promised while campaigning. Take old Washington values of oil, greed, war mongering, and policing the universe and throw it all the trash. Start on a new slate, restore our tarnished reputation throughout the world and embrace progressive, modern ideas. As a general principle, the world needs to cut its dependence on fossil fuels. Hopefully, the U.S. can offer the same incentives and tax breaks that countries like Denmark are offering to companies that are leading the charge in developing new energy sources. I would also like to see the U.S. become advocates of peace rather than fear and war. As for the economy, Washington needs to step up to American companies that take advantage of working families with stiff legislation along with stiffer penalties. And finally, America was founded on separating church from state. Let’s leave God out of government. But what the hell do I know? I’m just a bass player in a punk rock band.

—Johnny Rioux, Street Dogs

We want Barack Obama to keep his cool. We expect him to lead by example, and to take this excellent opportunity to distinguish himself from other politicians by restraining reactive behavior, staying humble and maintaining an attitude of service. Instead of just “Hope,” Telling On Trixie prefers, “Certainty.” We are certain that when people decide to change their attitudes and actions, results will come and others will follow suit. That’s what we’re counting on Obama to do. The refrain of the title track of our upcoming release, Ugly, Broke & Sober promises, “It’s gonna be all right.” Not, “We hope it’ll be all right.”

Everyone needs to start thinking themselves into right action, and the change we seek will come organically. Companies can stop fucking with their numbers. People can turn their lights off for one hour during Earth Hour on March 28. Or simply, try thinking of someone else other than yourself for five minutes a day. That particular action produces profound results. You don’t have to be a politician or activist to take the next right action. None of the five of us are. But with this next album, after the crap we’ve been through, we decided it will be “all right,” and it will be. We’ve chosen not to be victims, no matter how shitty some stuff has gotten. Whether you’re a casualty or a cause of this horrible economic situation, we believe you can survive and change for the better. Believe it. As rough as it sounds, some other human on this planet has got it worse that you do.

We’re a nation of fighters and survivors. We think Barack Obama has the ability to lead such a nation by his attitudes and actions. If he keeps his cool.

—Derek Nicoletto and Brad Small, Telling On Trixie

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