What not to do: Don’t overreach as Clinton did (see gun control); the United States is a centrist nation. Enacting what the public views as “Leftist liberal” legislation too soon will likely alienate moderate conservatives which may cost the Democrats seats during the 2010 mid terms.

Judges: I have faith that President-Elect Obama and crew will have a greater understanding and reverence for the Constitution and that his legal appointments will reflect this. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper?” Anyone? More accurately, it’s just a goddamned piece of parchment.

Campaign Finance Reform: Remove lobbying from the congressional equation. Lobbyists do serve a purpose. To keep legislators informed of upcoming legislation, increase staff size. Congressional staff are accountable, lobbyists are not.

Economy: Invest in infrastructure and green technology, under the umbrella of energy independence. New grid, new grid, new grid. As long as the vice chairman of GM, Bob Lutz, refuses to acknowledge that global warming is man-made, his company should not receive dime one of taxpayer money. I believe Mr. Lutz referred to global warming as “a total crock of shit.” Who’s in a crock of shit now, Mr. Lutz? CAFÉ standards equal to or better than the most fuel efficient foreign cars. Stop subsidizing ethanol you fucking morons. Raise public service pay.

The Middle East: Work toward brokering peace with warring nations and get the fuck out of everybody’s business. Sorry, Israel.

Healthcare: Remove “over 65” from Medicare requirement.

Education: No vouchers. Evaluate programs that work and adapt them to failing school systems. Public education financial parity. Do not allow public schools to use public funds for sports. If administrators insist on being able to dole out funds without government interference and performance does not improve, deny that privilege. No financial cost to attend state universities in exchange for public service. Bring back civics classes. Tuition reimbursement for all students graduating into a public service field (education, criminal justice, public administration, library sciences, etc.).

This would be a great start.

—Don Feagin, The Theatre Fire

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