Declare war on the entire planet, appoint GWAR as his cabinet, invade the sun.

—Oderous Urungus, GWAR

So mom talked my ear off for like three or four hours, mostly about unrelated stuff. But this is some of what I gathered about Obama from talking with her.

Barack Obama is a Leo with Aquarius rising and Moon in Gemini. His Sun sign suggests a progressive mind with an ability to be forward thinking and adaptable to a rapidly changing future. Leos are ruled by the heart, and they often give off a regal and kingly persona. Bill Clinton was also a Leo and like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama is approachable, warm, and accessible. A danger for Leos is arrogance and Barack should be careful to not become overly confident in himself or his ideas as this could queer diplomacy and international relations in a time when that is no longer a viable option for our country.

A person’s rising sign is arguably as important as their Sun sign. Obama’s rising sign in Aquarius is an excellent quality for a world leader as we are still in the age of Aquarius.

Aquarius is about humanitarianism and mass consciousness, putting the significance of the whole over its individual parts. This is very important in his chart as it balances out the self-centered aspects of his Leo Sun. An Aquarius is often an unrecognized genius, possibly too advanced for the masses. Abraham Lincoln is an excellent example of Aquarian traits at work in a president. It is important that Barack not let himself alienate common people, because his ideas may be too progressive for most.

Obama’s Moon is in Gemini. The Moon sign is related to a person’s emotions and their internal world. A person with Gemini Moon is often very charming. John F. Kennedy was a Gemini. It is important that Barack be mindful of this asset and not allow his charm to be interpreted as simply sweet talking or even worse, lying. A Moon in Gemini also means that he can change his opinions easily. This is obviously a double-edged sword. On the positive, this characteristic is related to his ability to see both sides of the coin, to look at a situation from many different angles and to intuitively understand other people’s perspectives. The problem with this is Gemini’s are notoriously bad at decision making because many possibilities can appear valid. Fortunately, Joe Biden’s Scorpio with Capricorn rising may help to balance out Barack’s indecisive nature.

In review, it is important that Barack Obama, as President of the United States, be aware of any moves on his part that could be perceived, or misperceived, as displaying arrogance. His Aquarius mind and his Leo heart are working together to move forward for the better in a world that is changing faster than most people are prepared for. There is a concern that the public as well as other leaders that he’s working with could react poorly to his attempts to move forward in a positive way if he doesn’t keep his ideas relatable and his posture humble. His charm could quickly be misinterpreted as insincerity if he’s not careful. Fortunately, Barack’s chart also intimates that he is willing to recognize and admit his mistakes. But he must be careful that such awareness does not come too late. Because he is intelligent, his words and his behavior will be judged much harsher than were Bush’s.

—Jupiter Keyes, HEALTH

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