Well, just do what is right. They get paid for this and do what is right, I mean, Bush didn’t do things right, lets get help to who needs it: Work things out! I myself am not sold on Obama —he has some good ideas and some bad ideas, but he is a really good salesman, maybe not the best man for the job, but a great salesman. And ya know something, that might be what we need, don’t ya think? A salesman named Obama running our country, LOL! Just kidding. Good luck to him and let’s get this world in shape, because the world is blind!

—Tim “Ripper” Owens, Judas Priest, Iced Earth

I think Obama will do great. People all over the world see him as an intelligent person with the ability to lead and inspire.

I think he should: Make the oil companies bail out the auto industry. Make Iraq pay (they have a surplus money). Make them pay for our troops to be there. Make whatever drastic decisions need to be made since Bush really put the country in the hole!

—Bob Kulick, Kiss, Paul Stanley, WASP, Meat Loaf, et. al

Putting the responsibility of the world on the shoulders of one man is unfair.

He isn’t the one who caused all the economic problems, but unfortunately for Obama is going to have to be the one to deal with it. The fact that banks, automotive companies, gas/oil companies, etc. are all “crying poor” is not his fault and it shouldn’t be his (or our) problem. But, because he is President- Elect, it is now something he has to deal with. No president since Roosevelt has had to deal with such a terrible financial crisis.

Who decided that all these CEOs need to make upwards of $9 million a year? Not me, you or Barack Obama. I think there needs to be a lot of people at these big spending corporations “looking in the mirror” to help fix this problem and stop spending so recklessly. Responsibility of what our country is, or what is to become, lies entirely on U.S., the citizens. As a country, we made a choice on who will represent us to the rest of the world. Obama has a good plan, we all need to be a part of it and help where we can. Buy American-Made Items! That will help.

The rest of the world sees us as pompous and arrogant. That needs to be fixed. Obama has not only enamored the United States with his charm and charisma, but the rest of the world as well. This will help our “face standing” to the rest of the world. The rest, again, is up to the American people. We have an air about us that “we deserve everything,” according to the rest of the world. We don’t think about it because we never leave here unless we go on vacation. Start watching the world news and see what the rest of the world thinks about us. In terms of P.R., voting Obama was the smartest thing we could have done on a global level.

But back to the question… what should Obama do? He should listen. He should act accordingly. He should think about the people that elected him to the office he will enter into in January. He hopefully will do that. If not, in four years, we can try again. But, don’t place all the responsibility on Barack Obama… fixing this country starts with you.

—JR, Less Than Jake

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