You made them cry?

We made certain individuals who worked for our record label in the past break down weeping because of our stubbornness and our desire to do things our own way. At the time I feel very proud that we were able to stand our ground and not be molded into something other people would make us. What can I say? We’re just very stubborn and we just like the idea of presenting ourselves the way we want to be presented with our music and the way we are as individuals as well.

We’re not palatable to most of the good looking bands. I’m not saying we’re ugly, but I’m saying we’re more mature-looking. Five years can take its toll. Being in control of our careers and being able to direct our path musically and creatively is an absolute benefit to us. We answer to nobody but ourselves. The attitude of the band, maybe it’s a very Welsh thing, is to joke around and push people to do the best things that they can do individually so the band benefits overall. So we’re hardworking and we love control.

When you started working on this record, did you have a vision in mind for it?

For me the words ‘This record must not be a concept record’ were stamped firmly above my desk and on my desk as I was writing. I think for us we don’t really start with an idea. We usually get together and discuss it and go from there. And you can pretty much guarantee that whatever we discussed will never actually be achieved in the way we expect it to. Lyrics and inspirations will come out of nowhere. The idea you initially might have had becomes deeper or different and finds its own pace and its own direction. You have to go with what feels right. We’ve been good at discovering those moments when to let that happen.

So you’re happy with the way this record came out?

Yeah I think for us it was definitely a progression as well as being the start of a new chapter for us. I think it definitely is more of an open record, it’s an angrier record. It’s not afraid to show it’s teeth and it’s not afraid to be tender. I think it’s the best of everything we do. It’s an amalgamation of what is cool and awesome and badass about Funeral For A Friend.

Did you write that quote down earlier so you could use it in an interview?

I just wrote it on my arm about half an hour ago and said to myself, ‘I must use this in the interview!’ Actually it was floating above my head and I just picked it up. I pride myself on my lyrically abilities, you know.

Catch Funeral For A Friend at the Fillmore @ Irving Plaza in NYC on Jan. 22, at the Stone Pony on Jan. 23 and at TLA in Philadelphia, PA, on Jan. 24. For more info, visit

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