Interview with John 5: Requiem From A Dream

Your versatility is amazing. People can tend to lose opportunities if they are really rigid in their thinking, do you think that has something to do with it as well?

I think you also have to work well with people. You have to have a good attitude. Know that you are there playing for the artist, not playing for yourself. Not like, ‘Look at how great I am!’ You are there to make the artist sound as great as possible. It’s usually that I can do a good job working with these people, have a good attitude working with these people and get the job done, and they usually love it.

Which outfit do you feel most at home with so far?

Absolutely Rob Zombie, absolutely! I feel so at home with Rob Zombie. I mean, I was such a big fan of Zombie, White Zombie before I got in the band. I feel so at home here, Rob is one of the best, nicest guys there are in this business. Working on that record right after this interview.

How do you find the time? I mean, between your own records, and everyone else’s and the Zombie material?

There are always enough hours in the day, you’d be surprised. When people say, ‘Oh, I have so much to do today.’ There are enough hours in the day to get everything done. I sleep eight hours a night, but there are a lot of hours before that, and if you are really focused you can get everything done, and that’s what I try to do.

What is the new Zombie record like?

It’s very live, it’s very raw. There’s no loops, none of that stuff. It sounds so good, and I am so excited about it.

Any release date yet?

Not yet.

Will you be doing a solo tour sometime in the future?

Oh, sure. I am just getting out there, meeting everybody and then, I am going to do a solo tour as well. It all depends with Rob, he is going to be making a new movie. When he is doing that, that’s a great time, because he gets into movie mode, and I’ll probably go out and do some shows.

Expect new releases from John 5 and Rob Zombie this year. For more info, visit and