Audio Fiction: Stranger Than Fiction

Vocalist Kristin Wilson Ryan, bassist/keyboardist Darren Korb (a.k.a Mr. Audio), guitarist Charles Park and Irish drummer Mark O’Toole (known as Mr. Fiction) make up the power-pop/punk band Audio Fiction. This band describes their music as “offering you cotton candy and then kicking you in the teeth, all while you’re dancing.” Well, at least you know you’re in for one hell of a ride. Their next show to promote their upcoming album is at Crash Mansion on Feb. 4 at 7 p.m.

A mix between fellow female-lead bands Blondie and No Doubt, this band is known for its music as much as it is known for its controversies. Their 2004 debut album, Songs In The Key Of Orange Alert, gained a lot of hype because of its debut song about George Bush and the war. That song, “Tick Tock,” was conveniently released right around the GOP convention. Republicans were seething but the rest of the listeners loved the punk guitar solos and Ryan’s sugar-sweet voice, which gave the rough lyrics twice the edge. O’Toole alone is known for his hilarious gossip column-worthy escapades, like his appearance in HBO’s Taxicab Confessions or his run-in with Imelda Marcos, widow of tyrant Ferdinand Marcos, where he asked if he could borrow one of her 1,056 pairs of shoes for his lead singer. This band has an attitude of NYC-sized proportions and that makes their able-to-dance-to pop punk music a winner.

Crash Mansion is at 199 Bowery, NYC. Tickets are $10. Also playing is A.L.X. For more info, go to