Interview with Kids Of Survival: ‘Til Your Heart Pops

[Laughs] Now that your sound changed a little bit, do you think your fan base will change at all?

Gary: I hope so. We don’t want to make the same record over and over again and get buried piles of crap that is on the scene. [Dylan began to answer the preceding question but there was a knock at Gary’s door; it was Vin who drove to Gary’s house while doing the interview.]

Vin: Gary is wearing this plaid, button down shirt— completely unbuttoned—there’s hair everywhere. [Laughs] If you want, I will take a picture of this and send it to your phone.

[Laughs] I’d love that. But back to being serious, if you guys could pack up and go on tour with any band, who would it be?

Vin: I think if Jimmy Eat World would make another record, that would be pretty cool. If Acceptance got back together, that would be a fun tour. Gary who do you wanna go on tour with?

Gary: I just wish Led Zeppelin would get back together and we’d go on the road with them. The Mars Volta, but personally I’d like to go on tour with all our friends that are on our level because there are no egos.

Frank: Hanson. [Laughs]

Dylan: I’d like to go on tour with our friends’ bands too because they can have a good time because if we’re on tour in the middle of the week during the school year we can still have fun with our friends’ bands even if only 10 kids show up. But I think it would be cool if the RX Bandits would headline and have our friends in The Status and to top it all off, throw in Blink 182.

For people who aren’t fans of your band, what is one thing you’d want them to know?

Dylan: I would want people to know that we are an extraordinarily hard working band. We do everything ourselves. We spent countless hours meeting people and writing. We work really hard to do what we do.

Vin: I just want them to know that we like having fun at shows as much as they like having fun at shows. Its never the same show every night and there is always something stupid going on.

Kids Of Survival will be at the Highline Ballroom in NYC on Feb. 12 and at the Bamboozle Festival in East Rutherford, NJ, on May 2 and 3 . For more info, visit