Unsigned Bands: Clinical Trials, Statelman, Future Future (formerly Teenage Millionaire), die Kinder

Statelman hail from Sayreville, NJ, which is about as close as Jersey will ever get to a small town. Sure enough, the members of Statelman sound angry, frustrated, and loud, with enough angry angst for a stadium of adoring fans. Before that happens, though, check them out at Chubby’s on Feb. 7 to vent a little bit of your pent-up anger at The Man.

It’s clear from their debut self-released CD, The Ghost In The Static, that Statelman’s members grew up listening to the Jersey hardcore that we all know and love. However, they do demonstrate a love for improvisation and melody that sets them apart from most new punk and rock. They maintain an edginess and rough sound, but there’s a lot of melodic, anthemic pop-rock that’s mixed in for good measure. Sealing the deal is a talented female vocalist and guitarist who steps ouside the typical “girl with a guitar” cliché to deliver truly impressive harmonies.

Without the support of a label, Statelman nevertheless are hard at work on a new EP, and promoting themselves through independent media and MySpace. Their pictures may show them looking gloomy and aloof, but they maintain an optimism and humility about their music that’s admirable and unique among New Jersey bands nowadays.

Chubby’s is located at 26 West Front St. in Red Bank. Doors open at 4 p.m. and admission is $10. Entry is for those 18 or over only. Visit myspace.com/statelman or cdbaby.com/cd/statelman for details.