Future Future (formerly Teenage Millionaire)The members of Future Future (formerly Teenage Millionaire) have only been playing together for seven months and yet they’ve already played many gigs like one at the Stone Pony and won the Sparta, NJ, Battle Of The Bands (quite prestigious). How is this possible? Well, the duo has been living together their entire lives. Yep, Jordan and Jamie Lawlor are brothers. Seventeen-year-old Jordan sings and plays guitar, keyboards, and loops while 14-year-old Jamie plays drums.

Altogether their music is reminiscent of the Cold War Kids with smoother and more soulful vocals. They look up to Kanye West and Radiohead for their ability to dabble in all different types of music and still be great. So some songs will have classic rock style guitar solos, and others will have techno beat beginnings. You’ll be able to hear that on their upcoming debut EP and at the Tara Station for Millenium Music in Harrisburg, PA, on Feb. 13. For more info, go to myspace.com/futuretwice.

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