The Faceless: Twisting Guts

The five-piece technical band The Faceless are redefining the sound of death metal. Influenced by heroes Cannibal Corpse, these angel-faced boys are a younger version of Job For A Cowboy. See the resemblance?

The Faceless is vocalist Michael Keene, guitarists Derek Rydquist and Steve Jones, bassist Brandon Giffin and drummer Lyle Copper. In the past four years the band has gone through a lengthy list of drummers, finally fixing Lyle Copper as their permanent percussionist. This line-up seems to be their most successful.

Formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2005, The Faceless released their first demo in 2006. A year later they released their first full-length, Alkeldama. Put out on Sumerian Records, their newest album, Planetary Duality, will rip your face off leaving you faceless, so they say. The Faceless are packing heat even if they look like they’re still in high school. Though shorter than their first release, Planetary Duality is not lacking in any way.

The album is a terrifying six-track encounter with science fiction, fantasy and death, featuring 30 minutes of inhuman screeching, screaming guitars and thundering vocals that twist the gut. Experimenting with computer effects, the band’s take on death metal has a technical, futuristic touch. The complexities of the song structures sound like a chaotic mess of noise; a unique interpretation is a battle between man and machine. It’s a nightmare.

Catch them at Irving Plaza, located at 17 Irving Place in NYC, on Feb. 19 with Meshuggah and Cynic. For more info, go to