The Friggs: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Mom said ladies don’t play punk rock. But, the Friggs didn’t listen. These aren’t your typical girls next door. Instead, these girls are in the garage playing their bubblegum pop and surfer rock. Causing trouble and disturbing the peace, the Friggs broke out in Philly’s underground scene in the early ‘90s. Since then the band has undergone some changes, significantly in Aug. ‘96. Founding member and singer Jezebel was replaced by Lexi Plumm. Since then, Jezebel has rejoined, along with Palmyra Delran on guitar, Kitten La Cha Cha on drums, and Ruby Garnett on bass.

The Friggs 1997 debut album Rock Candy, out on E-Vil records, is their only album among a collection of 7” singles and a 10” EP. After calling it quits it 2000, the Friggs have reunited and are promoting their Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday release of rarities and singles. For a chance to see these high energy babes check them out Saturday, Feb. 21 at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park.

Following in the footsteps of riot grrrl veterans Bikini Kill these badass girls reapply their lipstick and smear it across their cheeks for a nasty sneer. Songs like “Kill Yourself” ensure listeners they couldn’t care less. “Shake” can be heard in the hit comedy Superbad;let’s get to the nearest house party! The anthem “Girl Power” is for the bad girls in high school smoking cigarettes in the bathroom and cutting class. Their taste for the retro is what drives the classic ’60s electric guitar riffs in most songs, power charged for electrocution. For more info, visit