So I have to at least mention the infamous masturbating nun t-shirt. Whose idea was it? Was anyone in the band at all nervous about the backlash that was bound to follow?

No, I remember our drummer being arrested at Dover coming back into the country wearing one of those shirts. It was an ironic and archaic kind of statement and that shirt was thought of like 17 odd years ago. Since then it’s sold millions, who knows, maybe millions, certainly a lot. There’s been various court cases and stuff and you know it’s not, I know it’s derogatory towards religion and that, but it was really intended as an almost comical kind of archaic statement.

I have to say I’m a huge fan of Viva La Bam. (It’s true. I own all five seasons on DVD and I’m not ashamed.) Not only did you guys headline 2007’s Viva La Bands tour, but you also made an appearance on Bam’s show. How did that come about?

Well Bam is a fan of the band and he came to Philadelphia to one of the shows and we just kept in contact. It was just suggested from there. So I went over and stayed at his house for a week, which you know, was a week of debauchery and partying and um, it was just great fun.

For those that might not know it here in the U.S., you’ve done quite a bit of acting over the last few years. Do you find any similarities between the worlds of TV/film and music?

Yeah, I guess so because you become a persona. People expect you to be rooted in that persona at all times. Although the band and myself are true to what we do all the time, sometimes you know, you’re different from the person you are up on stage. You know, you haven’t got adrenalin running through your veins, you’re not made up, you’re not in your battle stage dress. It’s not a concert, which is a very live, energetic, sort of spiritual conjunction that happens there. Of course you’re going to be slightly different on and off the court, as it were.

Which world do you prefer?

Well I’d say both go hand in hand. I’m a massive movie buff, but at the same time I love soundtracks; I love making music. So I would say the two go hand in hand.

What’s up next for you guys?

We’re going to finish this tour then we go back to Europe. We have an Australian tour coming up. Also we have a book, called The Gospel Of Filth, co-written by Gavin Baddeley. It’s validated by loads of interviews from people like Dario Argento, Clive Barker, Diamanda Galas, Tom Araya, Marilyn Manson, Charlie Manson, Tim Burton, people like that. If you want to check it out go to Amazon or to our website, If you go to these places, it’ll give you a synopsis breakdown. That should be coming out Easter time.

Oh just in time to fill someone’s Easter basket! Any last words of wisdom for your fans?

We’re so appreciative of them (fans) because without them, we’re nothing, are we?

Cradle Of Filth are playing at the Nokia Theatre in NYC on Feb. 27 and at the Trocadero in Philly on Feb. 28. For more info, visit

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