Hellmouth: Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing

It’s been a while since I turned on a CD and got a bit of a jolt from the opening track. Maybe it was just too early in the morning or I had the volume a little louder than I expected, but “Pick A Coffin” kind of kicked my ass before I even started thinking about it.

Surprisingly straightforward, no-bullshit, gritty hardcore (like, Brooklyn-by-way-of-Michigan) from scene-oriented Ferret Records, Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing is charming in its Sick Of It All-as-nihilists approach. They’re no technical masters—mistakes and “eh” moments abound—and bands have arranged better hardcore songs. But one listen to the breakdown for “Heathen Son In The Eyes Of Blood” makes you want to buy these guys a round of beers. It’s awesome, even though it obviously needed one or two more studio takes.

Any examination of Destroy Everything should take note of singer Jay Navarro, whose energy is so strong it makes lyrics like “Fuck your money/yeah, fuck everybody/Fuck the religions/then fuck the corporations” sound like he’s the first guy to think of the idea, no sarcasm intended. Serious points.

In A Word: Honest