Interview with Hollywood Undead: Common Misconceptions

You are always proud to say you’re raised in Hollywood. What’s the music scene out there?

Well, one of the reasons we like to say we’re from Hollywood is because typically everybody in Hollywood isn’t from Hollywood. It’s kind of our standpoint that we talk about what it’s like sitting back and watching people come and go. I don’t normally believe there is that much of a music scene here in Los Angeles. You’re not going to see one band playing one day and be here a year from now. Most bands, they come from suburban America where they actually have a chance to accumulate some kind of following or something like that. You just don’t get that opportunity here.

How would you compare Hollywood to other cities, like, say New York?

Well my mom actually is from New York, so I’ve spent some time out there. I can see the comparability between the two where it’s one of those places where people go, ‘Okay, I got big dreams and I want these big things to happen in my life.’ I think it’s this illusion and it’s really sad to watch what happens. I don’t see it happen very often and I think people do best when they stay where their home is. L.A. and New York are two of the most depressing places I’ve ever been to in my life.

That’s a sad viewpoint.

I think it’s the standpoint you’re looking from. When you’re born and raised somewhere, you kind of wonder why people like it so much. Or wonder why people spend money to come and see it.

You talk about Hollywood being a place people go to try and make it. Being that you guys do enjoy life a lot, how do you stay focused with your music and not fall victim to the lifestyle?

I think that’s one of the most common misconceptions about us is that maybe we certainly do live on that wilder side, but at the same time we know that we have a responsibilities to fans, to our label and to people. Another thing is a lot of our songs—the inspiration we get is from both sides of that lifestyle. Not just the good parts, but the bad parts and dealing with what comes up living life that way. We play shows and we do our job and when we’re not doing our job we’ll do whatever we want and rock it, but we’ll get our job done first.

Catch Hollywood Undead as part of the Saints & Sinners tour at the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, NJ, on March 7 and at the Fillmore @ Irving Plaza in NYC on March 10. For more info, visit