Interview with Cut Copy: Keep Caffeinated

Hoey says there’s no way they could have predicted In Ghost Colours would be as well-received as it has been through the States. And while the band is completely grateful for everything it’s achieved, success wasn’t something they regularly stopped to think about. “Everybody has a different definition of success. We’re really happy with how things have gone in the last 12 months, and four years even. And we were always really proud of what we were doing in the studio, and of what we were writing. But we don’t try to think about it too much because we still have so much more to achieve musically. We really want to be around for a long time; we want to be constantly creating music that’s challenging to us and to the audience.”

The band’s upcoming gig is being held at Terminal 5, a huge step up from their last show at Webster Hall. Hoey says contrary to popular belief, they’ve found audiences in the city to be loyal, dedicated and full of energy. “The first time we went to New York everyone was like ‘Get ready, they’re really standoffish. Everything you can imagine New York to be, that’s what it is like.’ So we were quite freaked out the first time we went there, especially because the first time we went to New York was one of the first times we played overseas. But it’s been crazy every time we’ve played there—we’ve managed to get the crowd going nuts. And there’s something about New York crowds, they’re certainly up for it any night of the week and you won’t get that in Australia.”

While so many budding musicians would be envious of the trio’s travels from continent to continent and city to city, Hoey says not all parts are smooth sailing. “We always miss our family back home, and our partners, and it gets really tough being away at times. It can be really hard to be away from the people that you love and the people that are close to you, but I guess while it’s (success) here you’ve got to take it because it can be taken away pretty quickly—so you’ve got to make the most of it,” he says.

“I’m sick to death of airports. I spend more time in airports than I do in my own living room and I’m really over it. I really like the tour bus because I feel like you get to see a lot more of the city you travel to but the hygiene isn’t that great. It can get pretty disturbing—and that kind of romantic side of driving across America or Europe goes out the window. It’s definitely not as romantic as I thought it was when I was 16.”

While some elements of their day to day might not measure up to everybody’s standards, the boys’ performance is one strength which never fails to electrify crowds. This time around, Cut Copy’s show promises to be bigger and better than before, with a mix of new tracks, old tracks and even some surprises in store. “We’re going to bring the full audiovisual experience, as we like to do, and we want people leaving feeling euphoric—because that’s the kind of show we love going to. We always want people to walk away with the feeling that they’ve experienced something special.”

Cut Copy will play a sold out show at Terminal 5 in NYC on March 21. For more info, visit or