You also wrote a line that says the only thing that will set us free is living through the pain.

That’s just the reality of my experience in life. I never grow unless I go through pain, and I have to accept it. I think that a lot of people are starting to feel that right now with this crazy time we are going through with the economy. It’s starting to fuck up people’s relationships, but maybe people will learn something from these times. Like, it’s not about the money and it’s not your possessions that make you who you are. It’s about your relationships and who you are as a person and what you have inside yourself and your soul and how you connect with this world that really truly makes you what you are.

That’s the truth. Was this record recorded at Paramour like your previous one?

No, we went and wrote most of the record at Paramour. Just wigged out, we wrote like 16 songs there in a month. Really just captured where the band was at that moment in time, and didn’t try to overthink it too much. Just took all those tracks, went and kind of reworked them at NRG Studios where we recorded our first album, Infest.

So it was a homecoming of sorts?

Yeah, it’s really an amazing studio, and you really get the best tones out of that place. That was one of the things about this record, we worked with Jay Baumgardner who also produced our first album, we co-produced it with him this time. His whole approach to making this record is that he believes that less is more, and for us, we believe the same thing. We didn’t overproduce the album. I mean most of the record is just guitar, drums, bass, and vocals, there are like a couple of keyboards here and there, and there is one sample loop. I mean we kept it really simple, just four musicians rocking it!

Does the title of the record point to how the band has transformed in light of David’s departure?

I think, yeah, it ties into so many things. I mean on the last album, we went through two different management companies, and then we finally got this management company that really sticks. We had to part ways with our ex-drummer David Buckner, which was tough, but it was a necessary evolution for the band to stay alive. We just wanted a title that represented change and evolution.

Metamorphosis was the right title for the record, I think that all the changes that we made and everything that we have been through has really afforded us to make a really great rock record. We always make really good music when we are in distress and we didn’t really know what was up or down. We just knew that we are some creative motherfuckers, and let’s go see what comes out of us this time. Metamorphosis is the product of that experience.

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