Totally. It’s sometimes no fun telling somebody exactly what you think about what they just poured their heart and soul into months.

Right. And the one thing you also realize is that it’s all subjective. What I think is the greatest thing in the world some people may go that’s the worst pile of shit I’ve ever heard. It’s all about what moves you and that’s kind of the thing you have to answer to; otherwise you’re just kind of losing yourself.

The live show. I read something about the look for it being inspired by A Clockwork Orange. Is that the idea?

I would say that’s probably one of the inspirations. Usually when you go out and you do a tour of this size, there’s an album theme that you’re working off of that you kind of incorporate in the set design and the way the set unfolds and the way the set list unfolds. Because we don’t have that this time, I think it’s more about minimalism and simplicity and just really stripping it down and letting the songs speak for themselves. Without giving away too much, that’s really what it comes down to. A Clockwork Orange is one of the half dozen things we’re kind of looking to for inspiration, putting the set together, the lighting system, every part of it.

So no ultraviolence or milk plus?

No (laughs). Don’t forget the kids are coming out too.

After you go through your summer tour, you’re winding up in California for a few dates, and then what’s the plan?

Straight into the record. Actually, we had this enormous meeting yesterday, five and a half hour band meeting before a three-hour rehearsal. And we’re trying to figure out where we’re ending. At a certain point, we just have to dive in. That was the balance we’re trying to find now, because once you’re up and running, it’s so easy to keep adding shows, especially when they’re being offered. I think that as soon as this North American tour is over we’ll be full blown into making this record.

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