Official Amp Of Approval

We all know that it’s not the guitar that matters, but the person playing. But what guitarist out there doesn’t love obsessing over the latest in high-tech, shiny, glowing, futuristic-looking gear? Feel free to unleash your inner gearhead at the Amp Show on May 9, a local trade show for manufacturers of amplifiers and other guitar accessories.

On the surface, The Amp Show is a celebration of the humble and hardworking amplifier. But, in a way, it’s also a celebration of the ingenuity of American engineering. With cheap technology from overseas dominating, it’s reassuring to see that such a wide variety of small, dedicated manufacturers are still creating outrageous and original designs for musicians. The focus isn’t just on amps, either – every stage of the guitar signal chain is represented here, from pedals to strings to humbuckers to tremelos will be represented. Be sure to check out panel discussions on how to get the best sound out of your amplifiers and pedals, as well as a raffle later on during the show.

Embassy Suites can be found on 121 Centennial Ave. in Piscataway, NJ. The show starts at 10 a.m., and parking is free. Admission is $20, and each paying guest is allowed to bring one guitar to try out the amps.