Interview with Jonathan Davis of Korn

It seems like you are going to reinvent the way music is done once again.

[Laughing] Yeah, it feels really magical, it really does.

With Metallica getting inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, does that kind give you a taste for that same honor, do you care about accolades like that?

I think it’s cool, I am glad they are finally getting inducted. You have to be a band for 25 years. They deserve it. It’s cool. If you can last 25 years in a band, you deserve to get something. We have nine more years to go, that’s crazy.

Fieldy wrote his biography Got The Life. What was your reaction to that? Were you shocked to see the final product?

I think he did a great job. His book is really cool. I liked it better than Head’s, because of the fact that his was so preachy. Fieldy was just telling about stuff that was going on, and in his own special way he was pushing God, but not in a way that’s offensive or that’s overbearing, you know what I mean? So I liked it. I loved all the stories; I loved the letter that he wrote to me. I was fucking crying my eyes out. It was something that he had to do to grow spiritually and as a person, and that book is what did that. And it’s good for him that he put that out there for people to see. He was such a fucking asshole dickhead back in the day, he was such a dick! It was horrible, I ran around apologizing for him my whole fucking band career and now, he is the sweetest coolest person ever.

That must take a lot of pressure off of you now.

Yeah, it does.

In light of that, getting back to the symbols for your lyrical themes. Do you see any hope, and if so, do you think that hope lies in spirituality?

The way things are going now, I don’t see any hope. I am sorry. These five symbols, one of them is drugs, everybody medicates themselves to deal with their problems. That’s number one, and I am not talking about weed, just in general.
Yes, it could be caffeine or prescription drugs.

Yeah, yeah. They are medicating. Nomber two is religion, false hope in organized religion. I am not talking about spirituality. The third one would be power. Everyone is just craving and lusting for power, to have power over each other, to have power to do that or power to do this. The fourth one is money. A man would fuck his grandma for enough money. It’s ridiculous what people would do for money. The fifth one, which is the biggest enemy of all, is time. People always don’t have enough time. ‘I don’t have time to do this, I don’t have enough time to do that.’ Or, ‘I want to get a tuck so I don’t look like I am older.’ That’s kind of what the vibe is. The songs are going to revolve around that.