Interview with Jonathan Davis of Korn

That’s pretty intense.

It’s intense. So there going to be a couple songs about each different symbol and the last couple of songs will be about how it all intertwines. I think without all that stuff, the human race would be kind of cool, but I don’t see it, we are just a bunch of monkeys. There are a select few that get it, but power-hungry people and all that other stuff is going on. There is no hope out there, but that’s what I do, I just sing about it, and hopefully, by me singing, it gives people strength to cope with it.

Do you have a tentative timeframe in which the record would be released yet?

Have no clue. Not yet, it’s going to be done when it’s done.

Is Ray welcomed into the writing process?

He’s the drummer, yeah. He is just an amazing drummer. The guy walks around 24/7 with drums sticks in his hand and does drum clinics; it’s something that’s so new to us. He just loves doing what he does.

How did you find him?

We found him through our management. He was in a band called Army Of Anyone, which had the same management, The Firm. Our manager said, ‘I got this kid who you should try out, he is an amazing drummer.’ We were on tour with Joey [Jordison] from Slipknot and Joey had to go do a Slipknot record, so we had to find another drummer. So he came and flew out, I think from Seattle or something, so we sat up onstage and did a sound check with him, and played like five or six songs and he did them perfect. We were like, ‘You’re in.’ We did two tours with him, and he just blew us away, and we just get along great with him. He’s a great guy. He’s right with us, and he’s cool.

You mentioned playing with people like Joey Jordison and Shenkar, what has been the most meaningful collaboration with other artists for you?

I mean, I have shared the stage with Ice-T. That freaked me out, being on tour with Ozzy and Metallica, there’s so many moments! I can’t really name one of them. I mean, I am just this kid from Bakersfield [CA], it’s a little town north of Los Angels, about 110 miles. I never expected to be doing what I am doing. I gave away a Lifetime Achievement Award to Ozzy the other day, and he picked me to give it to him. He’s my boy. Another highlight was when we did a cover of ‘Earache My Eye’ and I got to sing with Cheech, and I grew up watching all these Cheech and Chong movies. I met David Bowie, I met my teen idols Duran Duran, I’ve had all these cool things happen, so I am stoked.

Catch Korn at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, on May 19. For more info, visit