NoFX: Coaster / Fat Wreck Chords

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Fat Mike, Eric Melvin, El Hefe, and Erik Sandin of NoFX have released Coaster. Complete with adorable pictures of the members when they were young, this album is filled with the same infectious punk rock that they have been playing since 1983 and shows why they are still favorites in this ever-changing genre.

Since George W. Bush is finally out of office, NoFX has laid off their usual rants on politics, only commenting on the state of our nation in “Call It America.” Corresponding with their cover art containing eight glasses of liquor and the CD art, which states “absorbing alcohol since 1983,” the theme is mostly on the love and necessity of liquor. Guest artists played trombone, keyboards and clarinet to perfection as heard in the reggae standout, “Best God In Show.” Dedicated to all of the ‘80s bands that inspired them like SNFU and the Descendents, Coaster contains one big slap to Iron Maiden in “Eddie, Bruce, and Paul.” This song is another standout with ripping guitar riffs and an amusing Bruce Dickinson imitation.

Expect nothing new. However, the lack of change is definitely not a bad thing in NoFX’s case. Melvin and El Hefe’s dual guitars are classic, Sandin’s drums are still frantic and Fat Mike’s vocals are as mocking as ever. The only shocking difference from the old NoFx is the highly personal (and non-sarcastic) song, “ My Orphan Year,” about Fat Mike’s remorse after his parents’ death. From its beginning Alec Baldwin quote, “If the weeds are fucking weak, you’re weak,” to the last of Sandin’s rim shots, NoFX is golden.

In A Word: Yum