Tell me about making the ‘My Cabal’ video. How long did that take?

That took a day for us to film it, but it took a while for all the post-production. It took maybe a couple of weeks.

In terms of editing together to make it look like one fluid camera shot?

Yeah, the guys who did it actually invented that particular kind of camera technology or something, they had a bunch of cameras everywhere, and they found out how to stitch them really seamlessly in post-production. That’s why it looks like that, all one shot.

That’s why it looks like it’s on a rubber band?

Yeah, exactly. It’s not really all one shot (laughs), oh my god.

That would be really impressive.

Yeah it would, maybe I shouldn’t say anything (laughs). It was the whole point of the video, he came to us with a demo and we just thought it was really interesting.

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