I see that you’ve been keeping an online tour diary with Benjamin? What are those, Google searches? Are those random things you write down?

You’re talking about the lists.


It’s basically things that come up (laughs). If you ask me about any one of those I can tell you what it means, I just think lists are really fun.

So have you been catching up on Twin Peaks?

Yeah. Also because we were in the Northwest, and last time we were there we were under the impression that Bellingham is where that diner was, where Coop used to order his pie and coffee every morning. And it wasn’t, but that led us to Google search it and it ended up being some other places in Washington.

‘Slutty Witch’ Retirement Boat?

Oh, we were driving, I think it was west coast too, and we saw this boat that was called the ‘Slutty Witch’ and it was this really kind of funny and we sped up to see who was driving it and it was this really, really nice retired old couple. Very clean cut, very nice looking people and we just thought it was very unlikely. We thought it was going to be some crazy dudes in the front (laughs).

Okay, one more: Stereo guitars.

That’s what Benjamin is doing live now, stereo guitars, and I’m just totally in love with it.

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