Interview with Jeff Apruzzese of Passion Pit: It Pays To Have Good Manners

Yeah I checked out your tour schedule and you’re going to be touring or a while.

Yeah, that’s not even all of it. We’re going to be going strong for a good eight, nine months.

Are you ready for that?

Yes and no. This is like only the third or fourth tour we’ve done ever as a band. This one now that we’re on is like the longest one. It’s like a month long, but then we have three days off and then it’s another month overseas. It’s fun but it’s very vigorous and tiring.

You’re also playing a bunch of festivals this summer, too.

Yeah, I’m pretty excited about that. We’re getting to play like all the festivals that I’ve always wanted to go to, but I was never allowed to go to when I was younger.

Yeah, Bonnaroo seems like it would be a lot of fun to play.

Yeah, I wanted to go to Bonnaroo so bad when I was in high school but my mom was never down with the idea of letting me drive with my friends to go to like a four-day hippie fest.

You guys are also playing Bowery Ballroom on June 19 and 20, both shows are already sold out. I saw you play there back in February.

Oh yeah, that show was kind of a disaster in the beginning because we’re such newbys that we thought that it was okay to go on but the monitor engineer hadn’t actually turned the monitors on yet. So we were like all amped, all ready to go, our adrenaline pumping, we get onstage and we start playing and we couldn’t hear anything until the beginning of the second song cause they hadn’t patched the monitors through yet.

Haha. Well I guess it’s all part of the learning process.

It’s starting to get better and we’re fortunate we work with really great people who help us out. Like I said, we’re just so new to the game that of course everything is going to get messed up. And I feel like we’re paying our dues since we are so lucky to be in the place that we’re in right now that it cant be smooth sailing, we have to mess up.