Interview with Jeff Apruzzese of Passion Pit: It Pays To Have Good Manners

Well with a lot of buzz also comes a lot of press. Have you guys read anything so far about the group that you’ve thought was wrong?

The thing that really ergs us the most is reviews that’s not about our music, it critiques how we look. It’s like, the music sounded great, but they’re all wearing tight pants and the keyboard player was wearing a white t-shirt that looked like it was out of a Hanes three pack. It’s like yeah, it was a white t-shirt, so what. And like one interview said that Mike looked like a Neanderthal, or that his pants are too tight. It’s stuff like that where we’re just like, come on. I would rather someone tell us we played like crap than someone tell us we played good but we all look like nerds.

What about comparisons to other electronic bands out there?

I mean everyone is going to have their own opinion on what music sounds like, and people describe music by comparing and contrasting to other artists so I can’t really judge. A common misconception is that people say we sound like MGMT, and we don’t think we sound like that. The only thing we can compare ourselves to with MGMT is like the rapidness of our rise and how everything has been working out for us.

There are a lot of electronic bands out there right now, what differentiates you guys from the rest?

I didn’t even realize it at first, but yeah there are so many electro bands out there now. The thing that differentiates us from them is that there are so many bands where there will be drummer and a singer or something, and they’ll have everything on backing tracks. The thing that we stand by is that we recreate everything that we do live; we don’t rely on backing tracks when we do live shows. We play everything ourselves.

It must be hard to grow together as a band at the same time as you’re kind of breaking out.

Yeah that’s been hard, as things are happening we’re still learning how to be a band. We’re trying to figure everything out and work with one another and right now is when we’re starting to get comfortable, and the band works because we have such an oddly fitting chemistry with one another. Everyone in the band is such an individual, it’s kind of like Captain Planet, like with our five powers combined, we are Passion Pit, ha ha.

Manners is available now. Passion Pit will be playing two sold out shows at Bowery Ballroom on June 19 and 20. For more info, visit